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Racket customisation, balancing & matching

We have customised rackets for multiple Grand Slam Champions through to Club Players. We use a Head 3in1 (pictured), Prince Precision Tuning Centre, and a Babolat RDC to accurately calculate the weight, swingweight and balance of a racket – these are the same machines used at Wimbledon for the Pro’s.


Consultation and customisation is:

£15 for every 30 minutes of
work required to bring your
rackets to your desired specs





Did you know...


Nearly all of the rackets that are available in the shops today are manufactured to within a certain tolerance against the specification printed on the racket. Needless to say, some produce to smaller tolerances than others.


The upshot of that is that you could buy two or three seemingly identical rackets in terms of brand, model and headsize but they could all be quite different in terms of their weight, balance and swingweight and as such play differently. This is not what you want if you break a string during an important match!


Have you ever found your spare racket to feel or play differently when you’ve been forced to change it during a match? Do you have a “favourite” in your bag that you always lean to for crucial matches? Chances are that this is caused by these tolerances!


However, your rackets can be professionally matched to each other or customised to your requirements…Just like the Pro’s!


The three most important specifications when matching are:


Weight – The static weight of the racket in grams (g) or ounces (oz).


Balance - The balance point of the racket and whether it is head light, head heavy, or even balance. Head heavy rackets provide more power but at the expense of some control. Head light rackets are used by players who can bring their own power and require more control.


Swingweight - The measurement of the racket when swung. The lower the swing weight, the more manoeuvrable and “whippy” the racket will feel. A higher swingweight will bring more stability and “plough through” to your shots. The right compromise needs to be found between what works well and what feels comfortable.

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