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Huw is a professionally qualified Tour Stringer holding both the GRSA Certified Tour Master Stringer (CTMS) and ERSA Pro Tour Stringer (PTS) Level 2 qualifications. He has over 20 years stringing experience and can offer advice on what string would best suit your game. Huw has as been part of the Wimbledon stringing team since 2016 and regularly strings on both the ATP and WTA Tours, as well as for teams in the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup. In 2022, Huw was also part of the Laver Cup stringing team in London where not only did he string for all of the 'Big 4', but he also had the emotional privilege to string the rackets for Roger Federer's last professional match - there wasn't a dry eye in the house!


We carry a vast selection of different strings in stock from different brands including Luxilon, Babolat, Wilson, Prince and Head and am able to source many others for specific requests within a usual 48 hour window. 


All rackets are strung on a Babolat Sensor Dual electronic machine, Head Laver Cup Edition electronic machine, or a Wilson Baiardo electronic machine (pictured above). Babolat, Wilson and Head are the industry leaders in stringing machines and are the choice machines used at many major tournaments. Babolat is the machine of choice used by the stringing team at Wimbledon and provides a consistent response for every re-string. The Wilson Baiardo is the machine of choice at the US Open and Roland Garros. We used Head machines at the Laver Cup in London in 2022.


Types of strings:


Synthetic Gut - A solid core string sharing some gut like qualities. The solid core serves to improve durability whilst the outer layer promotes playability. A very good all round type of string, but not for string breakers!


Example price: Babolat Synthetic Gut (Black, Blue, White, Pink): From £20


Multifilament - Very similar in construction to to natural gut. However without a centre core the durability can suffer. The string more than makes up for its shortened shelf life with lots of feel, comfort and power. Great for sufferers of tennis elbow!


Example price: Wilson Sensation: £26


Polyester - A solid construction blending polyester, polyether or other polyamides to produce a very durable string. A favourite among hard hitting players and often used in a hybrid with a softer synthetic gut or multifilament. Great for durability and spin!


Example price: Luxilon Alu Power: £31


Natural Gut - Traditional and the ultimate in playability. This string offers maximum comfort, power and feel. Manufactured from sheep or cow gut, this string comes with the highest of recommendations from professional players who often use this in a hybrid with polyester. Everyone should try natural gut in their racket at least once!


Example price: Babolat VS Team: £POA


Please feel free to email us on for details of further strings we have in stock. We have a vast range available including Babolat, Wilson, Head and Luxilon. 


Most well known strings are in stock but if you have a specific request, this can be sourced and strung in your racket within 48 hours.


We also have a large range of grips and other sundries such as shock absorbers available.

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